Our Values

Our work is guided by our six "I" values:


We are completely trustworthy. There is no amount of money or other personal benefit that is worth compromising our commitment to operating in the best interests of our clients, the community at large, and a universal sense of fairness.


Having Information without understanding is like listening to instruments in an orchestra all playing their own tunes. There is no music until these tunes are brought together in harmony and synchronicity.


As a third-party provider, we are not tied to the conclusions of any one party or agenda. We can call it the way we see it because our reputation for providing meaningful analysis is more important than anybody’s  need to have us justify conclusions that we don’t think are supported by the facts.


Sometimes understanding comes from finding an unusual way to view usual-seeming information. We find rote formulas to be deceptive, and believe that most organizations operate within their own unique rhythms and business models. We strive to find novel ways to understand our clients' circumstances, and help them make decisions that work for who they are.


We ask a lot of questions before we feel we have the grounds to tell our clients what they should do. Every organization is unique, and does things (and doesn’t do things) for reasons of their own. We ask about these to enable us to understand our clients better. Often the practice of inquiry itself suggests solutions for significant problems that have not yet even been recognized.


We don’t like ego; we think that it gets in the way of truth. The work of our client organizations is not about their leaders, their staffs, their boards, or certainly us. The work is about the mission and those whom it benefits, and we provide our efforts in service to them.

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