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Consulting Chief Financial Officer

Nonprofit finances are more complicated than business finances, and yet nonprofits are expected to manage their affairs using low-paid staff having limited financial expertise. User-friendly software notwithstanding, there is much more to tracking, understanding and managing the affairs of an organization than issuing invoices and paying the bills.

Benemetrics Consulting offers a solution for the nonprofit organization with limited means but significant complexity in their financial situation—the consulting Chief Financial Officer. The consulting CFO partners with Executive Directors, Board Treasurers, and Accounting Staff to provide high-level financial input to the organization while leaving routine daily functions to in-house finance team members.

The consulting CFO is a member of your management staff, but only used (and paid for) when you need them for their highest-level expertise. This service can be acquired on a retained or an hourly basis, with no ongoing contractual obligations.

Project-Based Consulting

Benemetrics Consulting is available to address particular financial issues as they arise for your organization. These typically include one-time application of many of the services offered by a Consulting CFO, plus additional circumstantial services such as financial review of new projects and potential collaborations, and financial training for management.

Financial Health Assessment

For the organization without a clear sense of where it stands financially, Benemetrics Consulting will conduct a complete assessment of its financial situation. This review will include a consideration of the adequacies of financial policies and procedures, assessment of staff performance, analysis of trends, evaluation of financial position and resources, and projection of future performance based on current assets and commitments, all leading to clear recommendations regarding financial needs and strategy going forward.

Full Finance Department Services

Some nonprofit leaders do not feel comfortable hiring and supervising their own financial staffs, especially when financial management is outside of their personal knowledge and comfort zone. For these leaders, Benemetrics Consulting can provide a complete “turnkey” financial management solution. Our bookkeepers will come to your offices to perform routine operations such as issuing invoices and deposits, preparing checks for your signature, managing payroll, and maintaining books of account using your computer systems or on-line accounting applications. You will receive regular financial reports and confirming statements from your bank, plus our CFO-level staff will provide financial analysis, assistance with budgeting and special projects, and communications for and/or with your board, funders and auditors.

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