The Benemetrics Consulting Group

The Benemetrics Consulting Group provides high-level financial management expertise to Chief Executive Officers, Finance Staff, and Boards of Directors of medium-sized nonprofit organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Partnering with us enables organizations to make the most of the resources that they have, to understand the impact of their decisions, to anticipate fiscal challenges, and to focus all their attention on accomplishing their mission confident that they have a full and accurate understanding of their financial circumstances.

Our expertise is affordable because clients only pay for it when they need it.

Most routine financial operations do not require our level of understanding and experience, and  small and medium-sized organizations would be over-staffed (and over-paying) if their regular fiscal departments had our capabilities. However, when projects and evaluations arise that do require a more advanced skill set, Benemetrics Consulting provides a focused contribution at a reasonable cost, without the burdens and commitment of payroll employment.

We are an integral part of the Bay Area’s vibrant nonprofit community.

We work closely with the area’s management service organizations and are actively involved in the events put on to support the local nonprofit sector. We know many of the consultancies that serve our community in many different areas of expertise, and where appropriate collaborate with others to bring our clients an integrated package of outside assistance.

All of our work is guided by our six "I" values:

    • Integrity
    • Insight
    • Independence
    • Inspiration
    • Inquiry
    • "I"-lessness

Benemetrics guides its clients beyond a fixation on
basic accounting to the broader realm of astute financial management.
 "Accounting" is the gathering of quantitative information regarding the inflow and outgo of monetary resources. "Finance" is the understanding of all the information that speaks to the capabilities, means and well-being of an organization. Finance uses accounting information as a starting point, but then puts it in the context of an organization’s mission, non-monetary assets, aspirations, and third-party expectations. One can have perfect accounting statements while running full speed towards economic failure. Excellent financial management understands the implications of accounting statements and anticipates financial outcomes in time to enable better decision-making and minimize unpleasant surprises.

We love to talk "Nonprofit" and we love to talk "Finance"!

Call us and share what's on your mind. We are always happy to learn about the management challenges within nonprofit agencies, and to consider with you whether our support might enable your organization to more confidently pursue its mission.

The Benemetrics Consulting Group

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